3D Printable Cosmic Horror straight from the VoidRealms

Painted model examples by Lentasy and Mr.Minichicks


VoidRealm Minis specializes in 3D-printable monster and cosmic horror STLs for tabletop roleplaying games. VoidRealms cosmic horrors are served up in monthly bundles at a great value on Patreon, or you can browse the online shop for a la carte models. Want to be the first to hear about new models, discounts, and campaigns? Get on the email list.

STL models of 3D printable miniatures dark fantasy

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3D-printable Cosmic Horror STL
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About the Sculptor

cosmic horror STL

Kent Caldwell

VoidRealm Minis is spawned directly from the mind of Kent, a Cirque du Soleil acrobat and multimedia artist with an affinity for all things dark and otherworldly. Most of his minis are sculpted using a combination of Virtual Reality sculpting software and Zbrush. Kent's influences are vast and include a diverse array of creators, including Guillermo del Toro, Takashi Murakami, John Langan, and many others.

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